Yesterday, I saw a fallen jewel in the crown of Imran Khan, Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan speaking to a news channel saying that the former prime minister and her wife should be given ‘safe passage’ and be allowed to leave the country. While trying to keep my thoughts journalistic and be neutral, on a personal level it was saddening to see a man say this when he a few days ago said, ‘’ Kon bachaiga Pakistan, Imran Khan.’’ 

It is very saddening to see the current state of Pakistan, from civilian ministers justifying military courts to straightaway denying the credentials of a journalist and passing insensitive remarks about his disappearance, from firm PTI leaders resigning and crying it pressers to innocent people dying trying to survive as inflation soars, but all these politicians don’t seem to be tired, but the educated, the Lawyers, Journalists and the educated public of Pakistan have had it. They were somewhat hopeful of Imran Khan in 2018 and voted with enthusiasm, but he also did the same things his predecessors did, nothing.

In recent days, it was visible that it may be ‘game over’ for Imran Khan and PTI as the government started arresting senior PTI leadership, and after news would be aired that the person was released from jail, he or she would be seen doing a press conference, surprisingly announcing their exit from PTI and condemning the incidents happened on the 9 th of May and some were seen crying too. This is no way how a political worker should react, no matter how much pressure on them, these certain people who left PTI at such a bad time were the first ones to claim ministries and positions of power when PTI came to power. This was the time to bear the pain, go to jail, and not abandon Imran Khan, while Khan himself should also have acted maturely, there is no victory if you fight with the state.

While this all is politics and politicians do their best, violation of human rights can in no way be justified. The current civilian government is doing its best to portray itself as a dictatorship, rubbishing democracy. There is no opposition in the National Assembly while most of the political parties have formed a coalition, judicial trials are not being cared for and the alleged accused for the 9th May incidents are being handed over to military courts. 

While all of us hope for the betterment of Pakistan including Imran Khan, Shahbaz Shariff, Nawaz Sharif, Asif Ali Zardari, Bilawal Zardari, or every person with a Pakistani Passport, we all must remember that democracy is king. Politicians should sit down together and talk to take the country out of the crisis. Imran Khan and his party are already on crutches, why not let the government work for 4 more months till the elections, the Supreme Court should have never been involved in this politics, it should have been dealt with by the politicians themselves. 

In the end, it should be said that something has changed in the history of Pakistan, though I will not be saying what, as everyone knows better. We all know the bitter truth of Pakistani politics and very few times Imran Khan is right, and this is one of them that unless true democracy prevails, no politician can lead this country to its highest.

PC: Zain Abid