What happened: People process sadness and grief in different ways. And with the rise of AI, some people are using technology to deal with the loss of their loved ones. Vice reported that grief bots use data gathered from a dead person’s life to play a digital version of them and it has become more noticeable in recent years as machine learning capabilities have progressed to make generative AI more convenient.⁠

Details: Vice also reported that in China, a software engineer named Yu Jialiin created digital protection of his late grandfather as a way to communicate with him one more time and gain closure after his death. It’s usually used by people who are depressed and are not ready to let go of their deceased loved one.

What you need to know: In March, a 24-year-old Shanghai blogger, Wu Wuliu made a digital avatar of his late ceased grandmother with the use of AI. Moreover, grief bots are typically trained in two ways to mimic realistic interactions. However, as per Vice, some experts are worried about the ethical, moral, and legal implications of such trends, especially as legislation of generative AI lags globally.

Picture source: Hello India Magazine


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