What happened: On Thursday, Sindh Transport Minister Sharjeel Memon announced a separate taxi service for women as the Sindh government has taken the initiative to introduce electric taxi services for the citizens of Karachi and the pink-colored taxis service, specifically for female passengers, ensuring their safety and comfort.

Details: Sindh Transport Minister Sharjeel Memon said that the first phase of the project will see the launch of over 200 electric taxis, with 50 of them designated as pink taxis for women. This step aims to provide convenient and reliable transportation options for women in the city.
He also added: “A modern, affordable, and environment-friendly electric taxi service will be launched in Karachi and extended to other major cities of the province.”

What you need to know: Furthermore, in addition to the electric taxi service, the government has decided to enhance the public bus service by adding 500 new buses, valued at Rs25 billion.


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