As a nation Pakistanis are notorious for not appreciating raw talent until it has gone global. This is especially true when it comes to art – the area of opinion and criticism is so vast that many talented Pakistani artists often go unnoticed. But here at PG Bazaar we understand how powerful great art can be which is why we’ve come up with this list of young, undiscovered Pakistani creatives that you should definitely check out! 

1. Warisha Khan (
Warisha is an acclaimed mixed media- virtual artist and Alumni of the illustrious IVS university. With her abstract acrylic paintings on canvas, she has redefined art – transforming any dull wall into a mesmerizing focal point.

2. Suleman Rehman (
If you’re a fan of beautiful calligraphy and intricate Islamic art, chances are you’ve already encountered Suleman’s work. His masterpieces have earned him international acclaim. He is passionate about sharing his talent through teaching workshops and creating original works of art.

3.  Huma S.R (
Huma is a LCF graduate who specializes in crafting unique, bespoke furniture and art pieces. Her vibrant artworks, created with the spectacularly contrasting effects of oil and acrylics on canvas, have earned her fame for their colorful style and expression.

4. Maz-et (
Based in Lahore, Manz-et is an artist with a passion for capturing the beauty of flowers in their stunning paintings. Their unique style combines classic watercolor and contemporary acrylics to create captivating and eye-catching works of art.

5. Maliha Ejaz Surya (
Maliha’s feed is a feast for the eyes. Vibrant colors, intricate designs and thoughtful calligraphy weave together to create a captivating art experience. Whether it be on canvas, cards bags nikkahnama or scarfs, Maliha has put her skillful touch on all kinds of creative medium.

This impressive roster of local artists is only the tip of the iceberg; countless other talents deserve to be acknowledged and celebrated. We are eagerly anticipating what the future holds for these budding creatives, envisioning art exhibitions that bring their unique gifts to light.