n our society, whenever settling down is mostly referred to as getting married and after that no matter how bad your marriage is you will be perceived as “settled”, which is absurd. Settling down in our society needs to redefine.

It is a deeply ingrained concept that implies finding a life partner, starting a family, and establishing a stable domestic life. However, it is important to recognize that settling down does not inherently require marriage. This outdated assumption fails to acknowledge the diverse ways in which individuals can find fulfilment, stability, and happiness in their lives without getting married.

It does not mean that singles are not attracted towards different gender but they know that the emotional baggage of being in a marriage just pulls them from the marriage they continue living their lives.

One of the fundamental principles that should guide our understanding of settling down is the idea of personal choice and autonomy. Every individual should have the freedom to determine what settling down means to them, based on their values, aspirations, and circumstances.  For some, it is getting married, which is completely fine but for some, it is just being single and they are completely fine with it.

The perception that settling down equals marriage perpetuates a societal norm that often marginalizes those who do not conform. It creates unnecessary pressure, stigmatizes singlehood, and implies that a person’s worth is tied to their marital status.

 By shifting our mindset, we can challenge these damaging norms and embrace a more inclusive perspective. We should value and respect individuals who actively choose different paths, recognizing that they can lead fulfilling and meaningful lives without adhering to traditional expectations.


Suhaib is an International Relations student at Middlesex University in London. Currently, he working with Propergaanda as a News Writer intern. With a previous background as a researcher in 180 Degrees in Consultancy, Malaysia and other organisations Suhaib brings a unique perspective to his writing. In his free time, he volunteers for various causes, reads about diverse topics, and explores new cafes. Follow Suhaib on Twitter @suhaib_shaukat to stay up-to-date on social issues and a lot more!