What happened: This Pakistani vlogger has gone viral for riding his motorbike across India. His name is Abrar Hassan, he is a traveler vlogger and an ADV Motorcyclist. He shares the positive moments with Indians along the way. All Indians gave him a warm welcome in India. He shared his video in which he talked about why he traveled to India. According to a video by Al-Jazeera, he said: “Because India has been the only country when I was traveling that I felt like at home. You’re travelling but you’re seeing the people who look exactly like you. The food is very similar to what we eat. The language is the same. The culture is the same.”

Details: Pakistan and India have a hostile relationship due to history and politics and India’s treatment of its Muslim population. Al-Jazeera posted that Abrar added that it’s been 75-76 years and we still haven’t found a way to live as neighbors together. He thinks it’s unfortunate that we got separated in such a way that we have never found a way to live peacefully. According to Abrar, that’s the biggest regret.

What you need to know: As per Al-Jazeera, on his 30-day trip to India, he documented several positive experiences. He also met an Indian family on his way to the highway where he had a home-cooked Sindhi biryani with them. They thought he was traveling for so long that he might be missing home-cooked meals. A man made him a beautiful portrait to take back to Pakistan.

Furthermore, Hassan hopes his videos will help both Pakistanis and Indians as that might help them understand each other. He expects Pakistanis to see the kind side of India. An Indian said to him: “If I could remove these lines between Pakistan and India, I would.”


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