Details: Nimra Jacob, Fashion Model of the Year, in a series of Instagram stories, has accused the model of “horrific actions…” As per Womanistan, several more female models have experienced this traumatic event and had to come in support and protect themselves, as seen in a video making rounds on social media. This shocking behavior is a stark reminder of the urgent need for change within the fashion industry.

What you need to know: The other female models’ names are: Javeriya, Fatima, Rubbab, and Nimra. Moreover, we believe that no one should endure such mistreatment. The fashion industry should be a sanctuary, a safe space where the girls can thrive, feel free from any form of abuse or harassment.

Also: However, the alleged party is yet to respond, however, team ProperGaanda has reached out to the concerned parties involved and is waiting for a response. We as a team condemn violence and stand against it.

Hasnain Lehri’s statement:

Moreover, Hasnain Lehri shared that Jacob first misbehaved with him. He told Express Tribune: “I categorically deny all accusations of physical altercation and abuse, I come from a very respectful family, we aren’t the kind of people who would get into an issue as petty as this.” Lehri also added: “During the crossing at the ramp, Jacob hit my shoulder. We went backstage and she walked towards me, asking me to learn how to walk on the ramp. This resulted in an argument and she brought my deceased father into the conversation.” As per Express Tribune Lehri then asked her to leave and the duo went back on-ramp for the finale.

What you need to know: Hasnain also added that there are witnesses for this verbal argument. He then claimed many people were present there, including organizers Tehmina Khaled, Tehmim, and choreographer Nubain Ali. Furthermore, he said: “I raised my issues with them, who told me [Jacob] has had several issues with other models and is notorious for her unprofessionalism. When the show was done, I packed my bag, readying to leave; Nubain approached me and asked me what the issue was. As Nubain and I were discussing, this is when [Jacob] returned and started the argument again, She then told me to f–k off, and I said it back. That’s when she took out her phone and started recording me.”

Also: Lehri also added that he asked Jacob not to make a video four times in front of Ali before Lehri took her phone. He recalled snatching the phone from Jacob’s hand. “This isn’t acceptable and I took her phone. That is all I did. I took the phone from her hand and kept it with me because she was recording me without my consent. She just wanted to show her side of the story. I wish I had taken out my phone and started recording how [Jacob] was misbehaving as well.” Lehri added.

Details: Lehri added he will not be manipulated by anyone and will not stand for bullies as he stated: “With God as my witness, I can swear on the Holy Book that all I did was take her phone. I didn’t assault anyone, I didn’t physically abuse her. [Jacob’s] three friends teamed up against me. They will support her.” He added that when he was discussing the issue with the organizers and after Jacob threatened to ‘call men’, Lehri added he told them to call whoever they wanted to. Once he refused to return Jacob’s phone, the police were called. Lehri also said: “If I was in the wrong and the alleged physical assault did happen, why would the police let me leave? I was free to go. I respect my fraternity but [Jacob] is grossly manipulating the whole situation.”


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