What’s the problem: As scorching heat burns us in our cars, some people want to apply window tints on their cars, but when they do, they are challaned by the police, and their window tints are ruthlessly pulled off.

More: While those of us who have undergone this, know that it is painful as it cost us our time, and money and also gave us comfort, that pain also subsides as we console ourselves saying that it’s the law and no one is above the law. The thing that breaks our hearts is when we see cars with heavy tints even on their windscreen, blasting through traffic, ignoring all laws while traffic cops watch in despair, but living in Pakistan this is also coped with.

The issue: Recently, I saw an Instagram post, which I often see, advertising the sale of a permit for tinted glasses by the Federal Ministry of Interior. The sponsored post had a photo of the permit, allowing a car to use tinted glasses on the letterhead of the Interior Ministry with all the details like the number plate and the chassis number, and was also signed by an alleged section officer.

Justice that needs to be done: While this is absolutely illegal, the government does nothing, while it is successful in tracking alleged PTI protesters through social media, it does not take notice of such blatant misuse of power or fraudsters.