Have you ever wondered about the true teachings of Islam regarding women’s consent in intimate relationships? It’s time to shed light on a common misconception that suggests Islam denies women the right to say “no” to men in bed. 

We have to talk about it because the people around have normalised the act in terms of TV dramas, films and whatnot. But first, let’s address the elephant in the room: Does Islam really deny women the power to express their preferences or refuse consent? Absolutely not! Consent lies at the heart of Islamic teachings, emphasising the importance of mutual agreement and respect between partners.

Imagine Prophet Muhammad himself, a champion of justice and compassion, highlighting the significance of consent and equality in relationships. So why would Islam, a religion that promotes harmony and dignity, contradict these principles?

Let’s delve deeper into the Quran, where we find clear messages about the sanctity of consent. It teaches that both partners have the right to express their desires and make informed choices. Islam recognises women as autonomous individuals, not bound by societal stereotypes or misconceptions.

An article, “Marital Rape- Where does it stand in the Islamic legal system,” states that in Islam, a marital tie grants both partners the right to intimacy, but it should never be practiced forcibly or violently. If either partner feels deprived of their conjugal rights, communication through appropriate channels is encouraged to resolve the matter in an honourable way. Harming another person to assert so-called rights is strictly prohibited, and disputes should be referred to religious and legal authorities for guidance. Prophetic traditions emphasising the importance of a wife’s consideration for her husband’s sexual needs do not justify or encourage the use of force. Misusing verses from the Quran about domestic violence leads to further confusion and misunderstandings. It is crucial to recognise that any excess, cruelty, or abuse committed by a Muslim cannot be attributed to revelatory texts, but rather reflects the failure to follow the true teachings of Islam.

In conclusion, here is a reminder of what the Prophet (pbuh) has also taught us:

“Only a noble man treats women in an honorable manner and only an ignoble man of low character treats women disgracefully.”