Baked is a local outsourced bakery in Lahore that has created a buzz among people due to its immaculate variety of yummy baked goods and fresh breakfast items. The bakery has 2 branches in the city, one is located in Cantt area while the other is in DHA Phase 6.

It has been an absolute delight for home bakers since the opening of Baked. Before, there were minimal such businesses that were showcasing small local brands. Baked came with a suitcase of opportunities for home based bakers to showcase their talent and earn revenue.

The overall experience of the bakery is always great. They have every dessert on the shelf you can possibly imagine. From dreamy tres leches to lotus blondies, their slightly unconventional selection of items is what makes it stand from the rest.

Apart from desserts, there’s an extensive deli menu of various cuisines. From delicious Khaosuey to fresh sandwiches and juices.

They also specialize in customized as well as regular cakes for different occasions. And the best part of there business is that it is cost and quality effective. Although the supply of a good is subject to its demand, they ensure a regular supply of items from there outsource.

If you haven’t been to Baked, then what are you waiting for? Experience a bakery redefined and let us know how you like it.