In a stunning turn of events, the entire city of Lahore was thrown into chaos when the Wifi mysteriously shut down. People were left staring at their screens in disbelief, refreshing their browsers and blaming their service providers (you know who wink wink) for the catastrophe. Little did they know that this sudden disruption would result in a revolution of communication.

As the minutes turned into hours, the tech-obsessed Gen Z of Lahore was forced to look up from their devices and face the reality they had been avoiding for far too long: their parents. Suddenly, living rooms across the city were filled with awkward conversations as sons and daughters struggled to remember how to speak in complete sentences.

Parents, who had become accustomed to seeing the tops of their children’s heads as they bent over their non-PTA approved iPhones, rejoiced at this unexpected turn of events. They eagerly pounced on the opportunity to engage in conversation, bombard their children with questions, and “Shaadi ki umar ho gayi hai.”