What you need to know: Colabs is excited to announce their collaboration with Inspiring Women for a boot camp for all ages!

What does it provide: Pk -Freelance for You – aimed at kickstarting and improving your freelance career. If you want to include yourself in the growing percentage of people earning from the comfort of their homes, this boot camp is particularly for you. This boot camp is open for freelancers of all levels- beginner, intermediate, and experts.

How is freelancing helpful? Freelancing will not only become an independent source of money, but you will also become your own boss and work on your terms. 

Why do you need to enroll?

Enroll in this one-day boot camp to figure out the set of skills needed to earn money and learn everything you need to kickstart your freelancing career, all for PKR 1199!

What will this boot camp provide? In this Bootcamp, you will also get to meet and learn from industry experts.

The panellists: Experienced freelancers on our panel include Mohsin Raza and Hira Osama. Mohsin Raza started his freelancing journey on Facebook in 2011 and started working on Fiverr in 2014. With an exceptional set of expertise and over nine years of experience in graphic designing and digital marketing, Raza is one of the top sellers on Fiverr in Pakistan.

Hira Osama is a marketing specialist and personality-driven copywriter with 10 years of experience working with 6 to 7-figure brands. She has honed her craft through years of learning, practising, and working with renowned names.

As a mom of two, she swears by mindful, purposeful, bite-sized action to balance out her career and family life.

What is Colabs offering? Three lucky candidates will win a dedicated desk / free workstation (each) for four months at any of the Colabs Pk offices in Lahore. Not only does this mean saving PKR 22,000 / month but having all the amenities for free and the priceless opportunity to meet with budding and expert entrepreneurs and build your network.

What is the platform about? Inspiring Women is a platform that engages, encourages and empowers women with different skills and opportunities. Through various initiatives, the organisation acts as an integrator and helps girls and young women to step from education to employment, be financially included and kickstart their careers.

The Freelance Boot Camp will be taking place on June 22, 2023 
To get yourself registered: https://forms.gle/joEJnGxBGWTQzEYL8

Check the Inspiring Women Pakistan’s website using this link: https://inspiringwomen.com.pk/