Lasagna is a traditional Italian dish that is made with stacked layers of flat pasta sheets, meat or vegetable sauce, cheese, and other ingredients. There are so many restaurants around Lahore making delicious Lasagna. However, we have made a list of 7 local businesses making Lasagna that is light on the pocket and tastes as good if not better.

  1. Stone Ove

Stone Ove has an extensive menu however, their lasagna is known for its rich and hearty flavors, and it can often be enjoyed as a comforting and filling meal.

Price: PKR 349

2. Ricky’s Artisan Pizza

Popular for their authentic Italian pizza, Ricky’s located in DHA Phase 6 has one of the cheesiest lasagna that is rich in flavor and texture.

Price: PKR 1050

3. Harry’s Oven

Lasagna is the highlight of their menu with its amazing balance of flavors and textures. Their portion sizes are also quite generous.

Price: PKR 1500

4. Melts in Oven

Staying true to its name, their lasagna is a melty, cheesy experience that is filling and delicious.

Price: PKR 550

5. Forks n Knives

One of the most popular local chains in the country, Forks n Knives has a classic menu that has been consistent for so many years in taste. Their lasagna is a heaven for cheese lovers.

Price: PKR 775

6. Lasagna House

Claiming to bake the best lasagna in town, these guys know what they’re doing and they are really good at it.

Price: PKR 900

7. Pastalicious

If you like pasta, then look no further. These guys make glorious pasta dishes and their lasagna is definitely one of our all time favorites.

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So head over to these places and fix your untimely cheese cravings.