Customized stickers are personalized adhesive labels that can be created according to your unique preferences. These stickers offer a versatile and creative way to express yourself, promote your brand, decorate items, or add a personal touch to gifts and products.

Here are 5 online businesses making customized stickers

  1. Custom Stix

At Custom Stix, you have the freedom to choose various aspects design, including shape, size, color, and artwork. Sticker shapes can range from traditional rectangles and circles to more intricate shapes like stars, hearts, or even custom shapes that match your specific logo or design.

Price: Pack of 8 PKR 150

2. Naym Arts Corner

These guys can print anything from colorful quotations to different animations and traditional occassions.

PKR 30 Each

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3. Custom Stickers Co.

Their stickers are of premium quality and high resolution, making your money’s worth.

Price: Pack of 16 PKR 150

4. Crafty Verse

Have a crazy sticker idea in mind? Worry not because Crafty Verse will take it to next level with their premium sticker printing.

Price: Starting from PKR 120

5. Sticker ‘N Spark

Oomph up your boring belongings and make a statement with their stylish designs, or have anything customized.

Price: Contact for Price

So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself some cool stickers and style-up your laptop, phones, books and more.