In the realm of cultural identity, Pakistanis have long grappled with the evergreen presence of the gora complex. We swoon over anything remotely western while simultaneously questioning our own culture. Centuries of colonial rule have deeply affected how we think as a society. We often believe that things from other countries are automatically better than our own. This mindset has shaped the way we speak, dress, and live our lives, following trends and preferences that are influenced by foreign cultures.

The accent struggle: Have you ever found yourself imitating an accent to appear more “foreign” or impress others? It’s time to embrace our distinctive Pakistani twang and leave behind those humorous attempts to fit in. Our true voices are what add vibrancy, humor, and warmth to our conversations. It’s honestly okay. Thora desi touch chalta hai.

Bri-ish fashion: Oh, the lengths we go to imitate Western fashion trends! We spend hours perfecting those skinny jeans and leather jackets, only to be met with scorching heat and the disapproving stares of our dadi jaans. Not that they look bad, and no harm in adapting to the trendy fashion, but definitely not on the expense that we look down upon our own fashion trends as something “paindo.” It’s time to find our own style that blends tradition and modernity, keeping comfort and cultural relevance in mind. Let’s bring back the timeless shalwar kameez with a trendy twist!

Desi food, what? Yes, we’ve all had our fair share of burgers and pizzas, but let’s not forget the real heroes of our cuisine—the biryani, the karahi, and the mighty chapli kebab! (Jk, I’m the biggest fast food lover myself.)

Dear fellow Pakistanis, it’s high time we bid farewell to the gora complex that lingers within us. Let’s embrace our rich cultural heritage, celebrate our quirks, and revel in the beauty of being Pakistani. While a sprinkle of western influence can add flavor to our lives, let’s not forget the essence of our own identity. So, laugh, love, and live with pride, and let the gora complex fade into a distant memory!

Note: This editorial aims to entertain and inspire self-reflection while addressing the gora complex in a light-hearted manner.