Apple announced the Vision Pro, its first augmented reality (AR) headset, at its 5 June WWDC keynote. The headset contains two leading-edge micro-OLED displays packing an incredible 23 million pixels—nearly three times as many as in a 4K display.

However, since the announcement, the audience’s reaction has been mixed. Some people seem to like the idea of a mixed-reality headset that will likely revolutionize the whole concept of VR/AR.

“This is a halo product that will push the innovation in the market, and hopefully in a few years they’ll release a lower end set with mostly the same features for a “relatively” cheap $1000,” writes Poltergeist97.

On the other hand, it has received an immense backlash from some since the product is expected to have a price of $3500.

“I’d thought there was a fair chance they’d let rumours of $3,000 spread so they could surprise everyone with a price that was ~$500 different. Looks like I was right, but in the wrong direction. :)”, writes user SvenViking.

“They clearly believe in it but 3499$ is a LOT,” VicugnaAlpacos notes.

There are cheaper AR goggles rumoured to be in the works over at Apple, but reports have since suggested that these have run into challenges and may now be indefinitely delayed.

From those that have tried the headset first-hand, the response has been largely super positive. Devindra from Engadget called it the “best VR/mixed reality tech we’ve seen yet.”

The important thing to realize is that Apple is known for its consumer-friendly choices when it comes to their product prices. They typically make consumer products. However, with the Vision Pro expected to cost a fortune, we can say with certainty that it is not a consumer product.