Pakistanis are fond of their cultural heritage in every aspect of their lives. And food is a very important part of it. We love different cuisines but most importantly, our love for desi food is on another level.

In the summer of 2018, Baranh initially came on the map of Lahore’s plethora of eateries. A single station stall was set up, luring – almost immediately, scores of curious Old Lahore food devotees, flocking towards the newly opened restaurant which, unlike any other restaurant in the city, promised to serve the indigenous cuisine of the 12 gates of Old Lahore, kicked off a storm in the Qadaffi stadium. Thus, the term “Baranh” itself, when translated literally, means “twelve,” which stands for the 12 recognizable gates of the Androon Shehar, the Old City of Lahore.

The restaurant features an all-desi menu from an extensive range of BBQs and kebabs to aromatic curries and rice. The highlight of its menu is the incredibly balanced flavors and textures of every food item. From bamboo biryani to BBQ thaal, Baranh also features a couple of unconventional yet delicious foods that are sure to make your experience worth it.

The interior has been carefully designed keeping the overall historic theme in mind. A special wall has been curated featuring photo frames of all the 12 gates of Lahore. The DHA Raya branch is located on the 4th floor with immaculate views of the city and an unforgettable dining experience.

Baranh is the only conceptual restaurant in the nation that genuinely serves cuisine with a history and a backstory is Baranh. Going to a restaurant is therefore more than simply a nice spot to have dinner; it is also a lavish experience that is unmatched anywhere else.