While ‘journalists’ take up government jobs, the media clampdown is visibly increasing as channels are forbidden to take the name of a political leader, show his footage, or report anything that is in the national interest.

These people who have taken up government positions should not be called journalists. This profession is a much more noble one; it entrusts a person to present facts to the people and critique the government for the betterment of the state. This is what democracy is, and all its pillars work together so that the people of the land have all the power. These so-called journalists who have taken government positions have become tools of politicians so that they can keep the people ill-informed about real issues and portray them as “Sab acha hai.” We never see any real problems on TV channels; rather, in the current times, social media has come to the rescue and people are kept informed through it. To prevent people from knowing about things, now, the internet is shut altogether, so for everyone, “ masla hi khatam.” While I strongly criticize such ‘journalists,’ in no manner do I support any self-claimed journalist that may be inclined towards a particular issue or a political party.

I believe that true journalism should be completely neutral. All facts must be fully investigated and presented to the people. Our journalists should be responsible enough. They work for the betterment of the nation and play an important part in it. While I urge journalists to be responsible, there is also a trend in governments that whichever journalist is a little kind to them, is awarded in some manner, and that affects the entire community negatively. All governments must let free journalism prevail, as it is a good check on the power holders with the public informed. Whereas some restrictions are necessary for national interests and should have some minimal checks kept on journalists.