If you’re a girl in her 20s, chances are that you’ve heard about Shein. This fashion and apparel site has taken the world by storm becoming one of the most talked-about brands on TikTok and YouTube and an absolute must for Gen Z shoppers. From unsponsored clothing hauls to outfit posts on social media, they have created quite the buzz – making it the go-to destination for all ladies out there.

Technology has rapidly changed the landscape of shopping, and Shein’s arrival in Pakistan is a testament to that. From international shoppers who buy it for themselves or ship it over for others, Shein is now widely available here – but at what cost? Despite its low pricing worldwide, customers in Pakistan must pay additional shipping charges and taxes which add up significantly. So why are Pakistani women still so drawn to Shein when there are plenty of local brands available too ? 

Local brands in Pakistan are launching western collections, but the satisfactory designs, limited choices and fit often leave much to be desired. From a Pakistani woman’s perspective, it can feel like options come at a high price tag without offering anything more than what international brands have to offer. Why should they spend their money here?

For many in Pakistan, finding trendy clothing options in large sizes can be a challenge – and unfortunately, this means that Pakistani brands can miss out on half of their potential customer base. Shein is one of the leading names in ready -to -wear fashion for women, offering clothes designed to suit young people.

On Shein’s website you’ll find dresses, blouses, trousers, swimwear, shoes and bags- in other words everything you need to totally revamp your wardrobe with items that are hard to find in Pakistan!