Smash, Lahore is one of the most popular burger joints in the city, making delicious cheeseburgers. They started small with just one branch that was opened by a 15-year-old burger enthusiast, Ali Haroon. His love for burgers made him create a mouthwatering combo of carefully selected ingredients that he used. The business was a huge success its popularity spread like anything. Today, there are 5 branches of Smash Burger.

The menu is not very extensive since they have a niche. Their specialty of course is the classic beef burger which they like to call “the sheikh”. The sheikh has 3 different sizes based on the number of burger patties. Single patty is called “baby sheikh”, Double “wedded sheikh” while the triple patty one is called “monster sheikh”.

They also have a limited chicken option for those who run away from meat but still want a full-on cheeseburger experience. The burger itself is not heavy at all. It has all the classic components that one would expect in a burger like a signature burger sauce, lettuce, grilled onions, pickles, jalapenos, and so on. The best thing is that you can customize the toppings according to your liking and that too, free of cost!

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