Nutrilov is a famous local brand of healthy, fibrous cereals and granola bars. They are practically one of the first upcoming brands making delicious and healthy snacking possible in Pakistan.

In today’s day and age, health has vital importance, especially when it comes to our calorie intake. If you look at the snack options currently available in the country, you won’t find a lot since most of our snacks are packed with sugar and artificial flavors which restricts consumers with special dietary needs from having them. Nutrilov has come with an exciting new concept of healthy snacking that is packed with flavor.

They typically make cereals and granola bars that are available in most supermarkets around the country. You can also order them through their website and they promise to deliver the product within 3-4 days. The packaging comes in different bundles where you can order as much or as little as you want. There is an array of different flavor combos like chocolate chip coconut, lemon cashew, and peanut butter raisin.

Their granola is typically made with oats, brown sugar and nuts. According to the ingredients list, there are no artificial flavors in their products which means less calories and less sugar.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a bar and satisfy your untimely hunger pang.