The hot Cheetos have become sensational ever since we can remember. The strong and artificial kick of heat and flavor is something many people enjoy. While some refrain from eating foods that are more on the spicy or acidic side, the hot Cheetos consumer is certainly not afraid of the heat.

Boxpark Pico, located in DHA Phase 6 Lahore, has become the talk of the town as they entered the market with only a few items on their menu which have been in trend for quite a while. They make delicious chicken tacos, fillets, burgers, wraps, and some delicious appetizers as well. However, their most popular menu item has to be the Hot Cheetos Sliders.

The sliders are made with a delicious, buttery, and soft bun with their secret sauce, lettuce, cheese, and slider patty. The slider is not heavy at all since the chicken patty is light and juicy, seasoned to perfection, and coated with a generous amount of hot Cheetos. This creates a symphony of ingredients which results in a harmonious experience.

The sliders are perfect for those looking for a lighter lunch option. One order contains 3 sliders in a box, priced at PKR 800. Pair it with their delicious passionfruit chiller and enjoy a wholesome experience.

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