“Mai aik akela panchi hun”, said my dad, a long time ago.

As we grow up, we often realize that our parents were right all along. While we appreciate and celebrate the efforts of our mothers, it is important to also take the time to acknowledge and appreciate our fathers. “Beta bahar halat theek nahi, jaldi ajana.” I used to get irritated with these words, thinking why do I have instructions to follow but in the end, it’s my Papa being caring and worried for me as he can only protect me but he can’t change the society.

One valuable lesson my father taught me is the art of maintaining balance in life. As much of a social person he was, he made sure, his children and his wife didn’t feel left behind. From taking us to concerts to encouraging us to hang out with friends to make sure we wear the best clothes to giving us office gossip, his little ones grew up. He always emphasized the importance of moderation, even though it can be challenging to achieve. I understood the truth in his words when my life became a complex blend of various responsibilities, including studying, working, and maintaining relationships. It was during this time that I realized the wisdom in my father’s advice.

During my daily commute to college, my father would share new knowledge with me, ensuring that I learned something new every day. As I moved on from school and was no longer compelled to constantly learn, I stopped rolling my eyes at the idea. I discovered that I had the freedom to stay in and watch TV or explore new subjects on my own. My father had cultivated a lifelong habit of continuous learning, and he is now a walking encyclopedia. Despite his advancing age, his mind remains as sharp as ever.

While my father may have had fewer financial resources, he lived life to the fullest while also being mindful of his limitations. He taught me the importance of staying within our means while still experiencing life to the fullest. This valuable lesson has stayed with me. Another piece of wisdom my father imparted was that education doesn’t make a person intelligent; it enhances existing intelligence. I realized the truth in his words when I gained admission to one of the top universities in Pakistan.

Dear Papa, you were always right about that one friend you had doubts about. Moreover, as we appreciate our mothers, let’s also acknowledge the wisdom and guidance our fathers provide. They offer valuable insights that shape our lives and help us navigate the complexities of the world. Dad never really says it, but he’s a believer in the house, he knows you’re gonna make it!


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