Tim Hortons, a popular Canadian coffee shop had taken the internet by storm ever since it opened its largest branch in Lahore. Netizens have been drooling over the coffee frenzy and we witnessed long lines approaching their counters.

Many people suggested that the whole thing was overhyped and remained uninterested. However, a large number of people collectively took part in the Tim Hortons fever. But after a good amount of time since the opening of 3 branches around the city and 4th one under construction, Is it still an overstatement or a real improvement to Lahore’s coffee scene?

If we take a closer look at all the cafes, brewing fresh coffee every day, we witness somewhat of a similar pattern in terms of prices as well as the menu. Most of them have their drinks prices slightly on the higher side. However, Tims’s menu is quite diverse, with a wide range of their signature drinks including the world-famous French Vanilla. When it comes to price, I feel like Tims is quite economical as compared to other cafes like Mocca, Second Cup and, so on. They have managed to grab a wider audience by not inflating the prices and by offering a wide selection of drinks to choose from.

From my personal experience and after a thorough analysis/comparison of the quality and aesthetic of the whole situation with the abroad, i think it is safe to say that Tim Hortons is a great addition to Lahore’s coffee scene.

If you have been to Tim Hortons, share your experience and let us know if you agree with us.