What happened: According to ARY News, the Greek government has provided Pakistan with the initial findings of the boat tragedy. The report reveals that the boat embarked on its journey from Bin Ghazi, a Libyan city, on June 9, destined for Italy. Unfortunately, the boat sank approximately 50 nautical miles away from Pylos, Greece, on June 14.

Details: Owned by an Egyptian individual, the boat carried passengers from Pakistan, Syria, and Libya. The Hellenic Coast Guard of Greece successfully rescued 104 individuals, including 14 Pakistanis, while the bodies of 79 victims have been recovered. The Greek government has informed Pakistan that a total of 14 Pakistani smugglers have been identified, including five from Gujarat and others from Mandi Bahauddin, Muridke, and AJK.

What you need to know: Following the tragic incident, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has directed authorities to conduct an inquiry into the human trafficking that led to the shipwreck involving Pakistani nationals. He has urged for immediate action against those involved in this heinous crime and emphasized the need for justice. The Prime Minister expressed deep grief and sorrow over the loss of Pakistani lives, and the Pakistan embassy in Greece has been instructed to provide assistance to the 12 rescued Pakistanis.

Also: In addition, PM Sharif announced a day of mourning and established a high-level committee to investigate the Greece boat tragedy. The UN human rights office has reported that approximately 500 individuals are still missing from the migrant boat incident, highlighting the urgent need to bring people smugglers to justice.

Further: Pakistan is in a state of mourning following the tragic deaths of its nationals in a ship sinking incident near the coast of Greece. The national flag flies at half-mast, and special prayers are being offered for the victims. The ill-fated boat, reportedly carrying 400 to 750 people, sank in the Mediterranean Sea near the Greek coast, resulting in the drowning of at least 78 individuals. Approximately 104 people have been rescued and transported to Kalamata, Greece, according to recent reports.

More: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has declared a day of mourning and established a high-level committee to investigate the deaths of the Pakistani nationals involved in the Greece boat tragedy. The committee, chaired by National Police Bureau Director General Ehsan Sadiq, includes members such as Foreign Ministry’s Additional Secretary for Africa Javed Imrani, DIG Poonch Zaheer Ahmed, and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Joint Secretary Faisal Nisar Chaudhry.

The committee’s objective is to gather evidence and facts related to the shipwreck, determine responsible parties, and investigate the human trafficking aspects involved in this tragic incident.


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