Nutella desserts are delectable treats that feature Nutella, a popular chocolate-hazelnut spread, as a key ingredient. Nutella itself is a creamy and rich spread made from a combination of roasted hazelnuts, cocoa, sugar, and a hint of vanilla. When incorporated into desserts, Nutella adds a delightful chocolatey and nutty flavor. Here are 7 places in Lahore serving the best nutella desserts.

  1. Eggspectation

Eggspectation in Lahore is a global restaurant that makes the most delicious and indulgent twist on the classic French toast recipe. It combines the rich flavors of Nutella with the comforting taste of fluffy, egg-soaked bread and marshmallow.

Price: PKR 999

2. Vanilla by Hafsa

Their nutella macarons are simply to die for.

Price: PKR 250

3. Paolo’s Cosa Nostra

If you like thick creamy hazelnut gelato that will transport you straight to Italy, then their Nutella gelato is for you.

Price: PKR 390

4. The Kitchen

One of the first restaurants in Lahore offering a skillet cookie. However, did you know that these guys make the most incredibly decadent Nutella cake?

Price: PKR 570

5. Meemu’s Kitchen

If you are a mousse person and a chocoholic, then this place is for you!

Price: PKR 350

6. Layers Bakeshop

One of the most popular bakeries in Pakistan, Layers makes the most incredible, Multi-layered nutella sundae.

Price: PKR 380

7. Karamel

Boost your inner cookie monster and head over to Karamel for a delicious Nutella-stuffed symphony.

Price: PKR 380