When it comes to a perfectly brewed cup of coffee on an early morning, a chilly evening or a frosty winter day, there are two brands that Karachiites cannot live without: Drop and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. 

More than just a drink, these flavorful coffees provide sustenance for many – and now they have made their mark in this dazzling city. With an array of beverages, desserts, snacks and more these cafes have become the ‘it’ spot. 

It’s not unusual to find people using these venues as makeshift offices, where they can work while sipping their favorite beverage and savoring a tasty snack.

Drop coffee’s entrance to the Karachi scene on 3rd January 2022 was nothing short of a major event, and naturally made it the talk of the town. From their impressive menu featuring drinks at reasonable prices to the buzz generated by food bloggers and influencers alike, Drop Coffee has been warmly embraced by both coffee aficionados who rave about its cortado and frappes fanatics. They’ve even added some delicious new flavors such as pumpkin spice  and matcha, plus plant-based milk options for all! 

I’d rate their coffee a 3.5/5 but the banana bread is definitely the star of the show – absolutely 5/5 deliciousness that can be devoured in seconds! It’s no wonder why Karachites are so obsessed with Drop Coffee, which now boasts branches in Tipu Sultan and Gulshan Iqbal too.

After much anticipation, Coffee Bean finally opened its doors in Karachi at the end of 2022! Whether you’re a latté connoisseur or just looking for something sweet and creamy this is the place to be. People may think their coffee is expensive, but when it comes to portion size, they definitely get what they pay for. A regular order of their caramel latte will fill your cup – and stomach – up like no other.

However, if you’re looking for snacks, you might want to look elsewhere; their offerings don’t quite live up to the same high standard as their drinks do. All in all, I’d give this spot a generous 4 out of 5 stars! They opened up their first branch in DHA (duh) but their second branch is soon opening up at Tipu Sultan. In conclusion, when it comes to a wide selection of beverages and customizations Drop reigns supreme compared to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. However, if you’re looking for a specifically scrumptious cup of coffee, then Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has the edge.