Lahoris have always been an integral part of any food trend, especially when it comes to the arrival of a global business.

Haute Dolci, a UK-based eatery has finally opened its doors in Lahore at DHA Raya, offering indulgent desserts from all over the world. It is a luxe dessert and brunch restaurant with several branches in different cities of the UK.

Just like all of their branches, Haute Dolci in Lahore has a sleek and modern interior featuring contemporary floor-length curtains, grand chandeliers, and visually appealing décor. There is ample seating with beautiful views of the outside piazza.

The highlight of the restaurant is the San Sebastian Basque Cheesecake. Cheesecake has been trending all over the world due to its decadent, smooth, and creamy texture, burnt top, and generous topping of chocolate ganache. Lahoris have been eager to get their hands on this experience and Haute Dolci has made it possible.

Besides the cheesecake frenzy, there are several other global desserts and brunch menu options for those looking for a sophisticated dining experience. The restaurant also has a delicious Hot chocolate that is “the perfect drink” on a winter’s night.

Have you been to Haute Dolci in Lahore? Let us know how your experience was.