Nuggets are enjoyed by children as well as adults all around the world. When we hear the word “nugget”, we immediately think of Mcdonald’s. However, in recent years, so many restaurants have started offering their version of chicken nuggets. More so, they try to incorporate the much-loved chicken snack into various dishes like pasta, nugget sandwich, pizza, and so on.

Johnny and Jugnu, one of Lahore’s most popular fast-food chains, has been the town’s talk ever since it was opened. They initially started with a very basic food menu with less than 5-6 items. However, their food has gained massive popularity among the citizens due to its high quality and taste. The menu includes tortilla wrap, a zinger that they like to call “wehshi”, as well as their signature sauces.

For me, the menu star has to be the nugg wrap. Due to the increase in demand, they had to start serving chicken nuggets separately. Their nugget wrap is the perfect comfort food for those looking to find solace and need a warm, cheesy hug that’ll melt their heart. The nuggets are cooked to perfection, crispy on the outside, juicy/succulent in the middle, paired with their delicious sauce, and fries, and wrapped around a tortilla. They usually say less is more, but in this case, more is more.

Apart from the nugg wrap, their other menu items are also worth trying especially the tortilla wrap that is super filling. The most important thing is that instead of doing too much at the same time, they’ve managed to establish a strong brand name by serving premium quality, signature food.

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