Suprême croissants, also known as “croissants suprêmes,” are a variation of the classic croissant pastry. While traditional croissants are made with a basic dough consisting of flour, butter, yeast, and water, suprême croissants have additional ingredients or fillings that enhance their flavor and texture. They usually come in a variety of flavors and fillings, depending on the preferences of the bakery or pastry shop that makes them. These croissants first gained popularity after several videos from the Lafayette bakery in NYC were released. They had people drooling over these insane croissants and everyone wanted to get their hands on one.

Sweet Affairs, a popular restaurant in Lahore, was one of the first places that started making these viral croissants. The idea to introduce this magnificent treat proved to be great as they were a hit. The restaurant makes them in 10 delicious flavors including Almond, Sticky Maple, Lotus, Nutella, and so on.

The croissant itself is extremely flaky and light. Crispy dark brown exterior and some soft, buttery layers on the inside, filled with delicious fillings. The croissants are also topped off with more sauce and cookie crumbs. The starting price is PKR 450 and one croissant is enough to satisfy you for a long. Lahoris have not looked back for breakfast since these guys started making this magical creation.

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