Movies and Eid are often intertwined as Eid is a festive occasion celebrated by Muslims worldwide, and watching movies is a common form of entertainment during this time.Movie theaters tend to be bustling with activity during Eid as families and friends go out to enjoy the newly released films together. It’s a way to relax, have fun, and create lasting memories. Here are 5 films releasing this Eid ul Azha for an entertainment-packed Eid.

  1. Teri Meri Kahaniyaan

3 short films made into a combined experience of romance, comedy, horror, and much more. The film stars Wahaj Ali, Mehwish Hayat, Ramsha Khan, Sheheryar Munawar, Hira Mani, Mani and others.

2. Allahyar and the 100 flowers of God

For the love of animation and action packed surprises, the franchise is back with another thrilling experience.

3. Babylicious

Witness the old school romance and emotions as you navigate through the journey of both characters, starring Shehroze Sabzwari and Syra Yousaf.


A gripping story of love, betrayal and war from the times of independence.

5. Madaari

If you like action/crime, then this film is for you to catch on this Eid with your friends.

So try to plan ahead and book your tickets in advance!