I’ve come across numerous cases of young girls being sexually assaulted by their relatives. The sexual assaults and rapes by the blood relatives haunt the victims with social damnation as incest practice is a deep shame to a civilization. I’ve seen people isolating the victim from the neighborhood, taking the victim on a trip, threatening the victim with killing or beating, teasing the victim by offering something desirable or poisoning the victim with drugs. The victim always thinks: “How could uncle do this to me? I was his daughter.”

Do uncles not even consider for a moment what will be the aftermath of that? The child will forever be traumatized. “Beta tumharay apne tumhara bura nahi chahte.” This is what we get to hear from our parents regarding our relatives. Hamara bura chahain ya na chahain, woh apna acha zaroor chahtain hain. Growing up, listening to so many stories, and so much news regarding child rape, I am confirmed that no, no place is safe for any female out there. How can she trust anyone when her very own “dear” uncle is her rapist?

Life is full of surprises but some surprises hurt. Ask that five-year-old who got raped, she doesn’t have any idea what has happened to her but she can still tell you that she’s hurt, she’s traumatized and she’s dead inside. Child rape is an abhorrent crime that shakes the very foundations of our society. Where do the little girls go? Now desi aunties can’t blame the child as well. The dressing was never the problem, yes, the mentality was. Secondly, why do we treat the rape of young girls as a dhabba? Why does the girl have to hide? Sar utha k jiyo, tumne kuch ghalat nai kia. The rapist should be hiding in prison, indeed.

“Tum hamari beti jesi ho!” No, you don’t treat your daughters like that. You don’t rape your daughters. You don’t abuse your daughters. You know your limits, when it comes to a daughter. You know the values, you know the boundaries, and you know how to respect them. This needs to stop. Dear chacha mamu, jee, hum apki betiyon ki tarah hain, start treating us like one.


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