This year’s blockbuster drama (though I truly disagree) has been Tere Bin. From their exceptional performances, Yumna and Wahaj made it a hit, but the drama has been under hot waters regarding the script and plot for all the right reasons.

A complicated love story with the same old Indian touch definitely looked more appealing on a Pakistan TV show, but it lost all the impact when the writer decided to add yet another ‘thriller:’ marital rape turned into consensual sex. While full points of working on the feedback from the viewers, the writers missed out on the point that skipping one scene from the drama, which supposedly was the make or break for the drama, would make the next episodes simply senseless. And they did. But I’m confident the loyal viewers were still forced to see it while it lasted.

The new announcement of season 2 by Tere Bin makers has ignited the same-old debate on Twitter and Instagram. Was there really a need to make a season 2 to clear the dirt of season 1 or just another way to cash the already-existing lousy storytelling?