Watching Ishaan Awasthi’s struggles in the movie brings tears to our eyes, yet we often find ourselves blaming his father for the decision to send him to boarding school. What we fail to realize is the tremendous improvement Ishaan experiences through this journey. Recognizing his dyslexia, a learning disability that impairs information processing, analysis, and storage, we understand that he needed the guidance of a teacher like Nikumbh to unlock his potential.

For a long time, Ishaan faced academic difficulties, arriving late for school and struggling to remember assignments. Constantly compared to his older brother by his father, he felt inadequate. Dyslexia caused confusion with letters, numbers, and word order, making him perceive words as dancing on the page. Even his art teacher noticed flaws in his writing, such as mixed spelling. Mathematics posed a significant challenge, as he could only manage one question on a test. Ishaan struggled with time management and faced blame from the school for failing to get his parents’ signatures on exam grades. These difficulties led to his avoidance of classes and teasing from classmates.

While some may disagree with the boarding school system’s origins, attributing it to British influence aimed at diverting Indian children from their traditions, the residual impact on valuing English over Urdu remains. Ishaan’s emotional and social problems were further amplified by the misconceptions surrounding him, deepening his depression and hindering the discovery of his true talents. The artist within him yearned to express himself, emphasizing the crucial role parental support, understanding teachers, and a nurturing environment play in helping children build confidence and develop skills.

Ishaan’s struggles with basic tasks and his penchant for daydreaming created social challenges. He had his own world and aspired to be a “captain” despite being born with an artist’s soul. The pressure of peer judgment due to his troubled behavior weighed heavily on him. Initially labeled as “lazy and dumb” in his old school, the parent-teacher meeting in his new school revealed a different perspective: “Ishaan is a bright and talented child.” The mischievous boy had transformed into a smart artist, displaying creativity with his beautifully crafted drawings. Boarding school became a necessity for Ishaan’s academic improvement, but finding teachers like Nikumbh, who offer holistic support beyond traditional subjects, is a rarity.

In the emotional journey of Ishaan Awasthi, we witness the power of compassionate teaching and the remarkable transformation it can bring. By recognizing Ishaan’s dyslexia and providing the necessary emotional support, his father’s decision to send him to boarding school proved to be a turning point in his life. Ishaan’s story highlights the need for an educational system that encompasses social and emotional development alongside academic growth. As we shed tears for Ishaan, let us also appreciate the profound impact that understanding, patience, and dedicated teachers can have on a child’s life.


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