In a candid conversation with ProperGaanda, the famous duo Hassan & Roshan took us down the road of the making of ‘Bandhan’ music video.

The artistry behind ‘Bandhan’

Bandhan is a conversation between two characters trying to navigate through the difficulty of being away from each other when all they want is to be close. 

We wanted to express the thoughts that go through one’s head when they are trying to sustain their relationship but for whatever reasons, external forces are such that they end up keeping the two people away from each other which is where “Dushman Zamaana”

Collaboration with QB or a mere coincidence? 

It was really a coincidence to be honest. We had the song already written and were searching for the right person to collaborate with. Luckily, we ran into QB backstage during the 2022 WBC. We were done with our performance for the day and were just mingling around and meeting people when we got to meet QB as well. Then we took our chance and asked QB if she would like to come on this track with us. Fortunately, she loved the track within that same week, we were in the studio recording her takes!

The idea behind the music video

As far as the style of the video goes, we felt like taking inspiration from the sound of the song. We always imagine the music to sound “Black and White” in our head with flickering lights like a party. Coupled with that, the over-the-top-bling wardrobe really worked with the mood of the song and setting, as it made everything look very expensive, which is what we were aiming for. 

And as for the narrative, we kept the entire story vague and manageable. But the gist is that there is a party going on which I (Roshaan) am DJing the whole thing, and Hassan is there enjoying the party while singing along the track.

Who was your first choice for this music video?

When we were done making the demo for this track during our album session (for Day 5), the first person we had in mind for this track was Shae Gill. It was only later that we decided she would fit better in “Sukoon” instead of this track and went for QB on this.