Oh, absolutely! As the youngest child of the house, I can proudly say that being a surprise package comes with its perks and quirks. I mean, who doesn’t love being the constant source of amusement for their older siblings? They never saw that kid coming, and they’ve been keeping them on their toes ever since! The young one comes with a package of sensitiveness, cuteness, and getting pampered by everyone, without even asking for it.

Being the youngest means one gets away with things that their older siblings could only dream of. One could flash their irresistible puppy eyes and charm their way out of any situation. And let’s not forget about the endless blame-shifting opportunities. If something goes wrong, it’s automatically assumed that the youngest one had something to do with it. It’s like having their very own scapegoat status! Our desi moms end up saying “ye choti ki shaitaani hogi!”

However, being the youngest can also mean living in a perpetual state of hand-me-downs. Clothes, toys, even advice from the siblings—they’ve all been used and reused until they reach the young one. But hey, it builds character, right? Besides, one might become a master at finding hidden treasures in the midst of hand-me-down chaos. Like my dad says whenever my brother teases me so much that I end up crying: “Oh it’s part of the training, we’re making you strong!”

And let’s not ignore the fact that being the youngest means one has had the privilege of observing and learning from the older siblings’ mistakes. It’s like having a crash course in life without actually having to go through the trials and errors themselves. It’s a bit like being the ultimate cheat code in the game of growing up.

So, yes, being the surprise addition to the family has its own special brand of comedy and charm. One should embrace their role as the youngest with a mischievous grin and a sense of adventure. After all, who needs to follow the rules when you can rewrite them as the adorable and unpredictable youngest child?


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