Costa Coffee is a world famous UK-based chain that has recently come to Pakistan. The coffee shop has gained great popularity among Lahoris and Karachiites due to its global recognition. However, an increasing concern about their coffee is the price. A large cup of coffee is priced at PKR 750 and after adding tax, it goes over PKR 1000.

Pakistanis are always up and about when it comes to trying out new coffee spots. But amidst the increasing inflation, spending PKR 1000 on a cup of coffee doesn’t sound about right. Especially when there are numerous other coffee spots in both cities offering the same, if not better coffee at lower prices.

That is not to say that the coffee isn’t any good. The earthy aroma of their signature coffee beans comes through perfectly. They also have a number of desserts on display including Fred fruit tarts, almond croissants and more.

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