The use of animal face masks worn by men in the series Churail holds a deeper meaning and adds an intriguing layer to the storytelling. At first, it didn’t hit us because of course when you read too much into things, then you realize the writer’s wit and metaphors. It wasn’t just a prop. Jameel and KK were hiding behind the “mask.” If Sara knew about Jameel’s secret, it was game over. These masks serve as powerful symbols that reflect societal dynamics, gender roles, and the complexities of power dynamics.

Sara, a lawyer-turned-stay-at-home mom discovers a secret about her husband. Who she was targetting was roaming around in her own house. In the series, the animal face masks worn by men not only conceal their identities but also serve as a metaphorical representation of their hidden desires, primal instincts, and the masks they wear in their daily lives. Jameel and Iftikhaar had to wear masks so that the truth was never revealed about their secrets of sex trafficking and leadership in a post-colonial men’s cult.

It’s funny how Sara was at home while Jameel was living the life he wanted. The true representation of a desi man who does wrong things and gets away with them so easily, while hiding behind the mask of “loyalty.” Incorporating these masks highlights a certain group of men, often driven by patriarchal norms, who wear figurative masks to assert dominance, control, and entitlement over women. These masks also symbolize the façade of respectability that some individuals maintain while engaging in illicit or oppressive behavior.

Furthermore, the animal masks in Churails can be seen as a commentary on the animalistic tendencies present in society. They represent the hidden darkness and the capacity for violence that exists within human nature. The masks serve as a reminder that beneath the surface of civilization and social norms, there can be a primal and savage nature waiting to be unleashed.


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