It still sounds confusing, and I wish to stand 1000 feet away from it, but by now I feel like I know the gist of what a situationship really is. Proponents argue that it might be a good thing since often a situationship turns into a relationship (something I might actually know a little about).
Hence let’s take a dive into how exactly your situationship can turn into a relationship.

Something is not better than nothing when something is leading to heartache. Let your partner know that your feelings have grown deeper, communicate with them. Be open about what you need from the relationship moving forward, and give your partner the space to do the same. This kind of intimacy makes everything much clearer and you finally know if this situationship of yours can turn into a relationship, or it was nothing special to begin with.

Not casual:
In a situational relationship, time spent together may not always be of the highest quality. Perhaps it’s just casually “hanging out” and not spending too much time or effort on dates and encounters. In any relationship, especially romantic, committed ones, spending quality time together is essential. Plan dates and activities that take into account your shared interests in an effort to build special memories and deepen your understanding of one another.

Sharing other important parts of your life:
It’s time to end the “mystery” of who is hiding behind your grin. Have your significant other meet your friends; you two may even hang out. It’s an additional means of elevating your relationship. It’s time to invite your partner to dine with your family once you’ve noticed progress and your partner feels at ease around your friends. Your partner may become aware that you are dealing with a significant matter as a result.

It is what it is:
Finally, if you desire a relationship and your partner doesn’t, it’s critical to be ready to end it. It can be difficult to quit a relationship totally, but it can be even harder to continue in a relationship that isn’t rewarding. It will get to the point where it’s practically unpleasant. A situational relationship won’t suffice once you decide you want to be in one with someone. You deserve to be in a relationship with someone who makes you happy and who values you equally. If ending a relationship is what is ultimately best for you, don’t be scared to do it.