The city of Karachi is grappling with a multitude of economic and health problems, largely stemming from its poorly maintained road infrastructure that is continuously battered by consecutive heavy monsoon rains. Har taraf buildings ki buildings hain, but no one is ready to fix the drainage system. Potholes and craters become commonplace on major roads and streets throughout Karachi. The relentless monsoon rains have wreaked havoc on the city’s drainage and sewerage systems, causing severe disruptions for motorists. When it rains heavily, suddenly everyone forgets how to drive, and thus, traffic and too much stress on the roads.

Remember the time when it rained so much that even the people of DHA couldn’t stop the water from entering their houses? That showed the reality of the DHA city and it continues to suffer with other areas such as Gulistan-e-Johar, Gulshan, Malir, North area, Orangi, and Landhi areas. While Karachi’s residents suffer, where are the politicians saying “Okay let’s fix this.” But no, Karachi was abandoned, a long time ago. These road craters frequently fill up with rainwater or wastewater, obstructing traffic flow and causing damage to both four-wheelers and two-wheelers. Vehicle owners are left with no choice but to incur additional expenses for car and motorcycle repairs, leading to a significant financial burden due to the prevailing high inflation. The plight of those residing in slums is often overlooked, and their lack of proper shelter remains a topic seldom discussed. With no more than an open roof to shield them, they endure the harshness of the rain, as water seeps into their meager dwellings, leaving them vulnerable and exposed.

The ramifications of the deteriorating roads are felt particularly by the hundreds of thousands of office-goers who rely on motorcycles for their daily commute. Motorbike riders know very well that they are going to get stuck on the road. The situation become so dire that young people in their 30s have been diagnosed with degenerative spine issues after the constant use of two-wheelers in Karachi. The poor maintenance or subpar quality of shock absorbers on motorcycles exacerbates these problems.

Karachi deserves better. Efforts must be directed toward resolving the urgent challenges arising from the city’s deteriorating road infrastructure. This will alleviate economic burdens and enhance overall public health and safety. Although, the residents of Karachi have no hope from the politicians but “umeed pe duniya qaim hai.”


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