22 Qadam is such a feel-good drama, you won’t be able to stop smiling. The green entertainment production, when you combine cricket, the nation’s most loved sport, and Wahaj Ali, the country’s current heartthrob, 22 Qadam was certain to capture the audience’s attention.  

Written by Zeeshan Ilyas and directed by Anjum Shahzad the drama aims to shatter deep-rooted stereotypes whilst proving that cricket and dreams transcend gender boundaries. 22 Qadam is set in a backdrop of fierce competition and captivating cricket matches that resounds a chord with the audience, compelling them to reflect on the limitless potential and the power of breaking barriers. 

The story began with the female protagonist Hareem Farooq who plays Fari, a college-going, cricket-obsessed, intelligent girl. She is surrounded by a cast of vibrant, complex characters, including Kinza Razzak as Fari’s older sister Amber, Shahnawaz Zaidi and Nida Mumtaz as her parents, and Alina Abbas as her recently made, street-smart buddy Naz Kiryana. While Wahaj Ali appears as Junaid, a cricketer facing a serious ligament injury. 

It’s actually fun to see the crazy escapades of Fari as she bunks classes as takes her friend along on adventures. Breaking stereotypes regarding female cricketers as she plays cricket in local grounds with the so-called “gali key larkay” she does so much more. She will purposefully step in front of the car being driven by her cricket idol simply to meet her. She places wagers with lads playing street cricket and goes on to defeat them. She is essentially a piece of work, but as she parades around her house and agitates her mother, you find yourself falling in love with her.

With that, it also highlights the common rishta culture and the struggles of parents who have to marry their daughters off. It has also shown how sometimes women against women and fields like sports, are so dominated by men it’s hard to succeed under such circumstances.

Some may say, Wahaj Ali has been the major reason for any hype of this Drama, while there might be some truth to it, the Drama is so much more. The drama’s title itself, which focuses on women’s emancipation and cricket, is both poetic and metaphorically apt. The drama further explains that 22 Qadam, which is the size of a cricket pitch, symbolises the hardship the main character must endure by taking one step at a time in order to realise her aspirations.  
It so far is a great watch, and the excitement to see how Fari’s story unfolds alongside Juniads is unmatched. Wahaj Ali is indeed what adds to it all, the cherry on top. As we eagerly await the upcoming episodes, the drama promises to take us on an emotional journey filled with relatable experiences and memorable moments. A treat for cricket lovers and also for ones who simply enjoy watching people pursue their dreams.