The experiences recounted in this narrative date back to 2010 or 2011. During a weekend, the narrator’s mother took them to their aunt’s residence, where they decided to spend the night due to the absence of school the following day.

The aunt and uncle inhabited a rented house within the same city, with a family of 4 children, including two daughters, two sons, and the youngest daughter referred to as K. The remaining children are identified as the eldest son T, elder daughter O, and younger son A.

Returning to that particular night, the narrator, being quite young at the time and having only attended preschool for two years, vividly recalls the events. Even at such a tender age, the narrator possessed awareness about ghosts and similar phenomena due to prior encounters. A description of the house reveals it was relatively modest, comprising two bedrooms – one sizable and the other half its dimensions. Both rooms were connected by a doorway. The larger room contained a door leading to the smaller room on one corner and another to the balcony on the opposite corner. The beds were positioned to face these doors. The larger room accommodated the narrator, their mother, two siblings, the aunt, and her daughters O and K, while the smaller room was occupied by the uncle and his sons T and A.

During that night, after engaging in some conversations and perhaps sharing stories, everyone eventually drifted into slumber. The narrator was roused from deep sleep by the sound of forceful knocking on the door leading to the smaller room. Although the exact time was not noted, it was undoubtedly quite late. The knocks were insistent, yet the individual behind them remained silent. Initially, the narrator’s reaction was more of bewilderment than fear, attempting to comprehend the situation. The narrator ruled out the possibility of the three men needing access to the washroom or kitchen, as those areas were located on the opposite side of the house connected to the smaller room.

Moreover, if it were any of them, verbal communication would have been expected instead of abrupt banging. After a brief interval, the knocking ceased on the smaller room’s door and resumed on the balcony door. This shift prompted further puzzlement, as there was no alternative entrance to the balcony aside from that very door. Despite the possibility of someone from the narrator’s sibling or cousin group being outside, everyone seemed to be asleep, undisturbed by the loud noises.

Growing increasingly frightened, the narrator woke their mother, who was sleeping alongside, to investigate the source of the knocking. However, the mother claimed to hear nothing, attributing the sounds to the narrator’s imagination, and urged them to return to sleep. Comforted by their mother’s reassurance and the subsequent cessation of the knocking, the narrator eventually drifted back to sleep. The following morning, the narrator chose not to share the experience with anyone, deeming it unnecessary, and it remained undisclosed until now.

The aunt and her children also encountered inexplicable incidents during their stay. Laughter emanating from an empty washroom, the sensation of someone passing through the kitchen when no one was present, objects disappearing and reappearing on their own accord, and other eerie occurrences permeated their daily lives. Additionally, the landlords living downstairs once reported hearing cries from the laundry area while the aunt was away. Their inquiries received no response, prompting one of them to venture upstairs, only to find no one present, an experience that left them startled.

The aunt resided in the house for a span of 3 to 4 years before eventually relocating. The current state of the house remains unknown, as the narrator refrained from discussing it with the aunt due to the complexities of her life. It is hypothesized that whatever or whoever occupied the premises did not intend harm, focusing instead on evoking awareness of its presence within the household.


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