In recent times, Pakistan has experienced a noticeable surge in strong religious feelings, which have frequently led to significant protests, public displays, and, at most times, violent incidents. The phrase “Labaik ya Rasool Allah” has become a symbol of these emotions. This opinion piece is not against religion but the religion when used for extreme measures by our mullahs and supposed politicians and military figures leading to brainwash common people.

Ahmedis, Christians, Hindus,Sikhs, and Shias; Pakistan’s history is filled with bloodshed, exposing the dark facade of it being a country that is intolerant to its own people just because of mere differences. These unchecked and manipulated religious sentiments have burnt the country down in the last seven decades whose consequences we are going to face in the years to come.

The tragic fates of Salman Taseer, a politician assassinated for opposing blasphemy laws, and Mashal Khan, a bright student lynched over alleged blasphemy, stand as stark reminders of the tragic consequences. These events find echoes in the stories of Asia Bibi, a Christian woman accused in a blasphemy case, a Christian couple mercilessly murdered on the same grounds, and an Ahmadi individual brutally stabbed to death in Chenabnagar due to ‘religious differences.’ The recent Jaranwala incident, where a mob torched and burned down religious sanctuaries over a mere rumour are examples of how intolerant the Muslim community has become.

But these are only 1% of the incidents we have seen recently, and who knows how many went unreported. But who is to be blamed? Who is behind running this extremist cult? Mullahs, the “religious” clubs, or someone in the khakis?