Lahoris are all about finding new bakeries and trying out the latest food trends. But as a Lahori, I always tend to struggle with finding good bakeries that are clean, not too expensive, and have good quality products. While there are so many bakeries opening up rapidly in the city, sometimes, the best one is not so mainstream.

Located on Bedon Road Lahore, Bay Bakery is one of those hidden gems that is has been making some of the best cream puffs and cream cakes in the city. They also have an extensive snack menu including chicken patties, pizzas, rolls and more.

While hygiene seems to be one of the leading problems we face in local bakeries, Bay bakery does not have that issue. Their space is spotlessly clean with hygienic storage facilities. When it comes to the prices, it is one of the most reasonable options out there.

While distance does seem daunting, Bay Bakery is highly recommended for every food connoisseur out there.