8 thoughtful gifts you can get this Valentine’s Day for under Rs. 1,500 that are not flowers

8 thoughtful gifts you can get this Valentine’s Day for under Rs. 1,500 that are not flowers

December 12, 2020 0

Valentine’s Day, a day for love is not always about romantic love hence all of our loved ones deserve heartfelt gestures in form of presents so they can feel appreciated. If there’s an abundance of people you would want to cheer up or if you’re running a little short on $$$, here’s a list of 8 amazing gifts you can buy this Valentine’s Day for under Rs.1,500!

Photo frames

An age-old gift especially for people who live far away from you. Get one made for yourself and for the other person but with an added twist. @thoughtbox.pk is an account that makes beautifully handcrafted music and polaroid frames that will be sure to make someone’s day!

You can get a music frame made like this only for Rs. 950!

Get this mini-polaroid frame with 2 photos for only Rs 1,550.


Cute articulately made jewelry is always a special gift but if you want to make it even more personal, we have got you covered.

Need a locket with someone’s name on it?

You can get this locket for only Rs. 1,500 at customize.pk
You can even get a customized brooch or label pin made for Rs. 1,500 at Custom freaks.

Maybe a ring engraved with a special date, name or number?

Get this for Rs. 1300 here.
This design goes for Rs. 1,500!


Journals are always a thoughtful gift to get for people. You can also never go wrong with a customized journal made especially for that one specific person in your life who loves to write.

Choose from a variety of options already available or get one custom made at @whitespacepk (all for Rs. 1,000 and less!), @mad._.designs (for under Rs. 800) or @peachflower.pf for less than Rs. 1,500 with the prices ranging back and forth based on the number of pages.

Get special customized stickers of amazing quality to put on those journals from @happypaperie.pk. You can order 10 stickers for only Rs. 300!

T-shirts, cardigans and sweatshirts

A good old plain cardigan never goes out of style. This with a cute handwritten letter this new year could make anyone smile!

Choose your favourite coloured cardigan for only Rs 1,440 and Rs 1.530 at daraz.pk!

You can also choose a card to write the letter in, from this really cute collection by @noontimestories which retails for only Rs. 250!

Know someone who would love a customised T-shirt or a sweatshirt with their favourite band or TV show character on it?

Get a T-shirt made for only Rs 1,000 at customize.pk

Get a customised sweatshirt for only Rs. 1300!

You can also choose from a huge variety of sweatshirts with quirky dialogues and cute prints at @bytes.pk for less than Rs. 1,000.

Mugs and cushions

If the person you’re getting the gift for loves drinking coffee or tea, get a customized mug made especially for them so they can use it every day and think of you.

Get a plain white mug with a design of your choice @shopart.pk for only Rs. 600!

You can also get a ‘magic’ mug that shows your customized design as soon as you pour something hot in it! This retails for Rs. 800.

We all know some sleepy heads, there are too many of them for us to not know one. You can get customized cushions made for them for only Rs. 900 at @shopart.pk!

Art supplies

Our artist friends are always looking for art supplies and they’re going to love any kind of art-related gift you get them.

Get this artist palette for only Rs. 290.

This set of acrylic paints with 24 colours goes for only Rs. 830.

This paintbrush set is available for Rs. 420!

Also get palette knives, quilling paper and much more for under Rs. 500 at @artycraftystore.

Room accessories

Fairy lights

For people who would love to decorate their room with fairy lights, change things up a little and get these LED cork lights to put inside old bottles. A pack of three retails for only Rs. 850!


If you know someone who’s into fairytales and loves dreamcatchers, you can get this intricate one and others from The Cuckoo Shop (@thecuckooshop) on Instagram.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants will never not be an intimate little house warming gift for people who just got new places or an oxygen supplier for a friend who desperately needs one in their room.

Potted plants like this one and many more are available at GreenSpace (@greenspace_pk), most of them retailing for less than Rs. 1,500!

Scented Candles

Whether you think they need to have their room smell better or they actually love owning scented candles. You can get amazing ones for under Rs 1500 at Hunza Candle (@hunza.candle) and The Kandle Co. (@thekandleco).

Also, check out our article about scented candles for more options!


Take it from someone who loves reading, getting books as gifts never fails to excite a book lover. What’s even better is that you can actually get around 7 to 8 books for Rs 1500 at stores like @bookisonlinepakistan and @onlinebookstoreofficial. For further details on where to get books from, click here.

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