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This isn’t from a horror movie, it is an ant’s face up close

Details: A photographer named Eugenijus Kavaliauskas from Lithuania entered the 2022 Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition with this image of an ant’s face that had


16 month-old toddler died after a giraffe in South Africa walked over it

What happened: At a South African conservancy, a toddler died after being trampled by a giraffe, leaving her mother in critical condition at the hospital.

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Guinness World Records might be including Karachi’s baby goat Simba for having the longest ears 

What happened: There are social media influencers and other media stars in Pakistan, but a baby goat in Pakistan, has recently caught the attention of millions

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Let’s vow to show respect, care, and love for sacrificial animals this Eid instead of recording videos 

Opinion: In recent years, a trend has been seen mostly among the youth of Pakistan of recording sacrificial animals while they are being sacrificed. At the

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Imported sheep for imported govt? 5000 imported sheep await clearance at Torkham border 

What happened: The issue prevails as a question mark remains, and the import of sacrificial animals from Afghanistan does not seem to resolve anytime soon. Dawn

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Who compared? A petition read; ‘Donkey is hardworking animal stop comparing with corrupt politician’

What happened: In a shocking petition filed by an animal rights activist reportedly read, “Donkey is a hardworking and innocent animal, and it is unfair to link

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Poultry experts left shocked after Chicken lays 24 eggs in 6 hours! 

What happened: A hen known by the name of Chinnu in India’s Kerala has left the poultry experts in shock after she laid 24 eggs at one go

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ACF distributed free humane harnesses among the kindest donkey owners of the country

What happened: On June 9, Pakistan’s largest animal rescue service, ACF Animal Rescue distributed free humane harnesses and carts to donkey owners who treat their

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Famous Ayub National Park declares heatwave emergency for animals

What happened: The extraordinary surge in temperature in the twin cities provoked the Ayub National Park zoo to declare a heatwave emergency in a bid

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Straight out a JAW movie? Shark swallowed camera; revealing what it’d be like inside of it

What happened: Zimy Da Kid, a conservationist and filmmaker, was filming a documentary in the Maldives earlier this month when he was approached by an