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Is the trend of luxurious Eid attire dying?

The approach of Eid ul Adha has us yearning for fabulous yet affordable suits. But gone are the days when luxury designer labels used to

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Iron fortification – A dire need in Pakistan

Given the high prevalence of iron deficiency, limited dietary diversity, and the potential to improve maternal and child health, iron fortification has emerged as a

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Coca-Cola and other beverage manufacturing companies appeal for an end to unprecedented FED

The aerated beverage industry has reported a drop of 35% – 40% in volume since the imposition of another 7% Federal Excise Duty [FED] in

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Is Tipu Sultan the new ‘it’ spot for hungry Karachiites dethroning DHA?

Gone are the days when Clifton and Defence were the only places in Karachi to get good food. In recent years, Tipu Sultan Road has

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Addressing population growth in Pakistan: Experts gather to discuss strategies for a brighter future

Population Experts and Government officials gathered in Islamabad to discuss improving population health in Pakistan. Islamabad, Pakistan – May 24, 2023 – Today marks the

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COLABS Collaborates with GharPar to Commemorate Mother’s Day

Lahore, Pakistan – In a heartwarming tribute to Mother’s Day, COLABS, one of the largest flexible coworking spaces in Pakistan, teamed up with GharPar, a

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Juice industry demands withdrawal of 10% FED as volumes plunge by 45%

There has been a 45% decrease in March and April 2023 volumes for the formal packages juice industry due to the implementation of 10% FED

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It’s 2023 and Karachiites are still not over Hotpot

There’s a hotpot fever that has been sweeping through Karachi and it looks like this Chinese delicacy is here to stay! It’s become quite the

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Dear Pakistani brands: Where should all the plus size people go?

Fashion is a powerful form of expression but when it comes to Pakistan there has been a lack of diversity in size representation. Despite the

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Tomato ketchup & Pakistanis- It’s a love story

Let’s face it. We are a food-obsessed nation. Food is not nutrition for us; it is entertainment, lifestyle and religion ALL rolled into one. “What