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This duo is keeping us entertained with back to back hits and this time it is ‘Bandhan’

In a candid conversation with ProperGaanda, the famous duo Hassan & Roshan took us down the road of the making of ‘Bandhan’ music video. The


Viewers are mad about the announcement of season 2 for Tere Bin. Do we need more nonsense?

This year’s blockbuster drama (though I truly disagree) has been Tere Bin. From their exceptional performances, Yumna and Wahaj made it a hit, but the

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Here’s how this Senator has revolutionised the never-seen-before Hajj experience for Pakistanis

The federal minister for Religious Affairs, Senator Muhammad Talha Mehmood, has announcedthe successful completion of Hajj 2023 arrangements. The minister has worked round-the-clock tomake significant

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What would happen if your Eid bakra actually did cocaine?

Who said Eid-ul-Adha was going to be boring?As your Eid bakra takes its first snort of cocaine, you might notice a sudden surge of energy.

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Goray left us but the gora complex didn’t!

In the realm of cultural identity, Pakistanis have long grappled with the evergreen presence of the gora complex. We swoon over anything remotely western while


FYI, rainbow colours can JUST be rainbow colours too. Relax!

In a world where symbolism and interpretation run deep, it’s essential to remember that not everything has a hidden meaning or agenda. This reminder is

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Freelancers, it’s time to make good money! Inspiring Women and Colabs team up in a game-changing boot camp

What you need to know: Colabs is excited to announce their collaboration with Inspiring Women for a boot camp for all ages! What does it

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Wifi shutdown across the city forces Lahoris to finally talk with their parents

In a stunning turn of events, the entire city of Lahore was thrown into chaos when the Wifi mysteriously shut down. People were left staring

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Marital rape is a legal crime, not a taboo in Pakistan

Before the Protection of Women (Criminal Laws Amendment) Act of 2006, the definition of rape under Section 375 of the Pakistan Penal Code (Rape) stated


Islamic law of physics where Newton observes pardah

In Pakistan’s world of textbook reviews, where common sense often takes a backseat, we recall an extraordinary incident unfolded. It involved none other than the