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Busting the myth that women can’t say no to men in bed

Have you ever wondered about the true teachings of Islam regarding women’s consent in intimate relationships? It’s time to shed light on a common misconception

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Debunking the myths and misinformation surrounding menstruation

Menstruation, a natural and normal bodily process, has been clouded by myths and misinformation throughout history. ProperGaanda aims to dismantle these misconceptions and shed light

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Rape or no rape, using it as clickbait is messed up!

Whether you and I agree or not, it is no joke that almost 21 million people watched the recent episode of Tere Bin. Best storytelling,

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Patriarchy forced me to stay a daughter when all my parents needed was a son

Before I am called out for differentiating between a daughter and a son, I am sure deep down we all have heard and witnessed this

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Breathing Life into Art: Ali Fawad – The Visionary Sculptor Crafting Extraordinary Creatures and Characters

In the vast realm of artistry, where creativity knows no bounds, a masterful sculptor whose passion and talent transcend the conventional boundaries of imagination. Meet

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Loud luxury doesn’t scream hotness: sometimes, it’s just pindi!

In recent times, we have witnessed a surge in the popularity of luxury brands among various individuals in Pakistan. From actors and vloggers to our

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Mia Khalifa delivers a speech at Oxford University- But what’s with all the hate?

How deep can you dig into a person’s past? Clearly, Pakistanis (not only us, though) know how to. Recently Mia Khalifa, a famous former adult


It is okay if you feel overwhelmed celebrating Mother’s Day

As we look forward to tomorrow celebrating Mother’s Day, I acknowledge and understand that it can be a difficult time for those of us who

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Usman Riaz: The Animation Director of The Glassworker Shares his Story On Momina’s Mixed Plate

The world of animation is one that’s filled with countless creative and talented individuals- but the concept of animation and animated cinema is noticeably absent

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Here’s all you need to know about our upcoming event, Ramazaar!

Lahoris, are you ready? We present you ✨Ramazaar ✨ A two-day event for a perfect end to Ramazaan and welcome to Eid! What do we