July 7, 2022

‘Merciless’ Hafizabad husband kills wife over allegedly asking for Eid clothes 

What happened: Lately, it has been reported that a man in Hafizabad allegedly killed his wife over children and the spouse asking for Eid clothes ahead of Eid Ul Adha. ARY News quoting stated that the accused was identified as Pervaiz.  Details: However, acting promptly, the police reached the crime scene and gathered evidence while taking the deceased’s […]

July 6, 2022

Three cafes shut in Iran due to allowing female visitors without veil 

What happened: Three cafes in Iran’s Qom were shut down by the authorities due to violations which included women visiting the cafes not wearing veils. It is pertinent to mention that Iranian law instructs women to cover their bodies with loose clothing and veil their heads in public.  Details: The statement from Iran’s Revolutionary Guards was published in […]

July 6, 2022

Inspired by Punjab, Hyderabad to have its own Rescue 1122 by 2023 

What happened: It is pertinent to mention that Punjab and Lahore, to be exact, was the first city where Rescue 1122 services were started back in 2004. However, the Deputy Commissioner of Hyderabad, Faud Ghaffar Soomro, announced that the Emergency Rescue Service 1122 would be launched in Hyderabad by 2023.  Details: At the same time, the DC […]

July 6, 2022

Party plans canceled; ANF busted a huge stash of 64kg chars right before Eid 

What happened: The Anti-Narcotics Force conducted a huge operation in Peshawar, Islamabad and Quetta, recovering 280 kilograms of drugs and subsequently arresting six suspects, including a woman.  Details: While, laying out the details of seized drugs, a publication quoted, “111 kg of drugs, including 64.8kg of Chars and 46.8 kg of opium, were found in a vehicle during […]

July 6, 2022

Bolivian wife pours boiling water on husband for dreaming of another woman 

What happened: The incident was reported from Bolivia’s La Paz, where an angry wife threw hot water on her sleeping husband’s body. A publication quotes her, “he was dreaming of another woman.” However, the Bolivian woman was arrested by the local police, and a publication quotes the woman.  Details: Her interview is quoted by a publication as “I got angry when my […]

July 5, 2022

Did you know? Putting your phone on silent can force you to check your phone more frequently 

Interesting study: The researchers from Penn State have stated that the individuals who put their smartphones on silent to avoid social media distractions might just check their phones more frequently than if it is not on silent. The study was published in Computers in Human Behaviors, claiming that “people who scored high on the need to belong and fear […]

July 5, 2022

Since 1920 each member of this Delhi family has been an MBBS doctor 

What happened: The Sabharwal family of Delhi has got a rare distinction of being the only family which is reported to have every single member of theirs a doctor for the past five generations. The Delhi family history is quoted as follows, “It started with their great grandfather Lala Jeevanmal Sabharwal who was a station master in […]

July 5, 2022

Finally; Ramiz Raja announced to conduct women’s PSL in February 

What happened: The Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Ramiz Raja has announced that PCB will be conducted in the Pakistan Super League Women’s league in February. Ramiz is further quoted as, “Women’s PSL will be held in February, whereas, Pakistan Junior League to be held in October.”  Details: The announcement by Chairman PCB came to light during the National […]

July 5, 2022

Traders urge govt to ban import of over 1000cc cars amid serious economic crisis 

What happened: Ikran Junaidi for Dawn, in a report, highlighted that the traders have advised the federal government to ban the import and use of over 1000 cc cars by the government officials “to reduce petroleum products and overcome the energy crisis.” Sarfraz Mughal, the President of TWASM, in a presser, said, “To get rid of IMF loans and […]

July 5, 2022

‘Mask up and stay indoors, minimal travel during Eid holidays’ NCOC lays out guidelines

What happened: The National Command and Control Centre was once again made operational as the new Covid-19 wave started to surge in the country. The department has also issued fresh guidelines in view of Eid Ul Adha and urged citizens to follow strict SOPs in order to curtail the virus.  The guidelines: In view of the Eid […]

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